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iNewsArabia employs proprietary popularity ranking algorithms to provide users with a unique take on the regional news of the Middle East.

iNewsArabia edit their own news and select articles from certain confirmed contributers. iNewsArabia publishes its own articles from well known journalists and bloggers directly as well as excerpts from contributing sources, with permission from the copyright owners.

iNewsArabia will strive to meet the demands of all the regional users and will always consider removing any offensive material upon request, should it contravine any legislation or external copywright rules.

Please e-mail us at [email protected] for any issues including cases where:

1) You want us to discuss certain news content on iNewArabia for any reason.

2) Any other matter relating to the content and operation of iNewsArabia.

About iNewsArabia

Founded in 2013, iNewsArabia is an online news portal for Arabic speakers, writers and readers. Our aim is to offer a platform for the best online Arabic news. iNewsArabia currently have a growing team of internal editors and reputable sources from all countries within Middle East as well as a selective list of global contributers.

iNewsArabia want to celebrate the Arabic language and break through any personal, regional or technical barriers impacting Arabic language news provision. We wish to work within the religious and cultural boundaries within this demographic and will respond to any feedback that helps us improve our process and editorials.

iNewsArabia also offer a news classification engine that is impartial and aims to provide a balanced view on all subjects.

iNewsArabia is set-up and run from multiple regional hubs and employs fast and efficient servers and database technologies to optimise the browsing experience. Coupled with an efficient editorial team, we aim to become the number one online Arabic news service.